What is Slackermedia?

Slackermedia is documentation providing the information a user needs to create a full multimedia studio running on Slackware Linux. It teaches users how to build a home studio using only the best in multimedia content creation tools that Linux offers.

Slackermedia is not a "laundry list" of multimedia apps that are half-finished, nor a blueprint for mindlessly installing apps you'll never use, nor a series of mindless install scripts. It is a series of tutorials on understanding the UNIX way as it applies to the artistic process, designing a personalised workflow, and configuring a system so that it works for you and not against you.

Obligatory screenshots:

screenshot screenshot screenshot

Slackermedia Projects

Slackermedia works hard to serve you. Here are some projects that may interest you as you build up your multimedia chops on GNU Linux:

Featured Artists:

Here are some artists who use Slackermedia.

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